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Pink Eye / Eye Abscess Assist

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What is Pinkeye?

This remedy was one of the first mix's that I used with great results. At the time in the late 90's I was running a large property in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Running 950 Black and Black Baldy cross cattle and 10000 fine wool merino sheep. With the numbers and breed of cattle we had tried a lot of different treatments with mixed results. Most were either very difficult to administer or very time consuming. We sat down and had a good think about the symptoms of pinkeye and blended a couple of traditional homeopathic remedies together to try. It is this mix that we now sell as our pinkeye remedy. It is always nice to here from people that have been amazed with the results of this simple but effective remedy.

Pinkeye is a painful, debilitating condition that can severely affect animal productivity.

Pinkeye (infectious bovine kerato-conjunctivitis, or IBK) is a bacterial infection of the eye that causes inflammation and, in severe cases, temporary or permanent blindness.

Signs of Pinkeye?

The first signs seen are:

copious watery eye discharge
aversion to sunlight
signs of irritation: for example, excessive blinking
reddening and swelling of the eyelids and the third eyelid.

The eye will then go cloudy in the middle and may ulcerate during the next two days. Many animals spontaneously recover at this stage. In a small number of untreated cases, ulceration may progress to abscess formation, with possible rupture of the cornea and permanent blindness. After recovery about 2% of affected eyes have a residual white scar on the cornea. An even smaller percentage progress to abscess formation.

At times it can be very hard to know if a infected animal is infected with the bacteria or it just has a grass seed or dust in the eye. This will cause a eye with very the same symptoms as pink eye but is actual a abscess in the eye. It is good to know that this remedy will work on both issues just as effectively.

Most animals that are infected will have some form of production lost due to the stress. Animals that are severely affected in both eyes may grow poorly. Milking cows may produce less milk. Cattle become more difficult to muster with blind animals in the herd. Accidental deaths may occur if affected animals fall into dams or are trapped in fences.

Using energy remedies we can support the body to release the bacteria that is causing the Pink Eye. Initially you will see discharge from the eye as it clears. Give one dose and repeat in a week if necessary. The result is a clearing of the eye and return of vision.

As with all our remedies the Pink Eye Assist is a safe, natural option, with no withholding period.

Pink Eye / Eye Abscess Assist remedy is great value with most cases only needing 1-2 doses. For your convenience this remedy comes in a 25ml spray ( approx. 125 doses ) or a 50ml spray (approx. 250 doses)

Save you self time, money and your animals health Purchase Today.